The Best Web Based eMAR and EHR Software Solution



The benefits of ECP Assisted Living Software...


Powerful Yet Easy as 1,2,3

Improve Employee Efficiency

eMar, care plans, charting and med pass at the click of a button


Reduce Errors

Adjustable alerts and reminders help prevent missed medications



Forms, reports, assessments and tasks specific to your community and your residents


Improve Communication

Managers and staff can easily look at notes and care history to help coordinate care over multiple shifts


Web Based Software for Assisted Living Facilities

Low start up costs

No servers, security or other costly IT expenses


Remote accessibility

Monitor resident charts and reports from most devices from any location with web access


Pharmacy Communication

Our best-in-class software program communicates directly with your pharmacy making check-ins as accurate as quick as possible


Secure Data

Resident information is automatically backed up and secure


24 Hour Support

In house, knowledgeable support staff

Our support staff is ready and willing to answer all your questions


Never outdated

Our team of in house programmers are constantly improving our software at no additional cost to you


Online training

Our videos make training and bring new staff on-board a breeze


24/7 Emergency Hotline

If the unthinkable happens, we will be there to help




Communicate with Health Care Professionals

Face Sheet

Provides a quick overview of your resident


Vitals Report

Provide resident's doctor with a history of important vital statistics including weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure


Fall Report

With just a few clicks your care givers can easily record an accident


Medication Reports

Including MAR, narcotic count, missed meds, audit, inventory and more




Schedule a demo to learn more about ECP’s web based software program. You’ll see why hundreds of senior living communities and assisted living facilities love our eMAR system, electronic charting, facility management, and long term care pharmacy software integration. Elder care and extended care facilities will also benefit from our emar software. You will find out how you can improve your employee efficiency, reduce errors, improve communication, and start using our affordable solution after only a few hours of training. Request a demo today.





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